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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What happens after the one year free trial is up and I decide not to continue with Golf Specialist?

    All the data which you entered over the past year will not be lost. You will not lose any of your data and will still have full access to view your account at anytime. We keep your scores for life! The only thing you will not be able to do is add new rounds (scorecards).

  2. What happens if I renew my annual membership early?

    You have the option to renew your annual membership at anytime. We will always extend your membership out from your renewal date.

  3. Do you provide a USGA Handicap?

    The USGA will only allow Authorized Golf Clubs who have been licensed by the USGA to issue official handicaps. If you are looking to form your own golf club, here is the link on their requirements. How to form your own golf club

    The Golf Specialist program allows authorized golf club administrators to track their member’s scores and stats in addition to calculating their handicaps.

    We have many members that use Golf Specialist to track scores and stats for their own fun or personal golf leagues, however they cannot issue official USGA handicaps since they are not an Authorized Golf Club as defined by the USGA. For more information please see the USGA Handicap Manual.

  4. I am a PGA instructor. Do I receive a Free Lifetime Membership?

    Yes! You help us to get better and we appreciate it.

    We know the best way to improve your golf game is lessons with your local PGA professional. That's why we have been working closely with PGA instructors to improve Golf Specialist by integrating it with their student lessons.

    All current PGA & CPGA instructors that sign up receive a free lifetime individual membership to Golf Specialist as part of giving back to the game we love.

    In return, all we ask is for your feedback on any enhancements or additional reports we can add to Golf Specialist to make it a better tool to aid you in improving your teachings with your students.

    If you are a current PGA or CPGA instructor please contact us regarding how to set up your lifetime membership.

  5. How do I add additional golfers on the free trial?

    The 1 year free trial allows you to test the program with one golfer with no fees.

    You can add additionals golfers right away, however, there would be an annual fee of $4.99 per golfer to do so.

  6. Why when I add additional golfers do you credit back my unused membership fee and then re-bill me again with the additional golfers for a full year?

    We do this to simplify our member’s lives when it comes to renewing their annual membership.