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// The Dashboard

  • With our easy to use layout you will have no problems finding what you need.

  • Multiple navigation menus make it easy to get where you need.

  • Quick launch buttons for the most common actions like adding Golfers, Courses, and Rounds.

  • Collapsible toolbars allows you to view more data on your screen at one time.

  • Golf Specialist is a web based program with the look and feel of a desktop application. Nothing to install on your computer and your data will always be safe.

// Golfer Management

  • This is where it all begins and where you setup your golfers.

  • Choose from either USGA or RCGA handicap rules.

  • Upload a picture for each golfer quickly and easily.

  • Already know your handicap, no problem, Golf Specialist supports an initial handicap so you don't have to start from scratch.

  • Want to add multiple golfers to your profile? Go right ahead. Having the ability to add multiple golfers under your profile is a great feature for instructors and golf clubs that have hundreds of members.

// Add / Edit Courses

  • Add unlimited courses.

  • Get directions to the golf course through Our Interactive Maps.

  • Quick link will take you right to the golf club's website.

  • Set your most played course as your "Default Course" for fast data entry.

// Add / Edit Tee Boxes

  • Our Course Wizard takes you step by step through the process for entering all your courses.

  • Add unlimited Tee boxes.

  • Free form text box allows you add any tee description.

  • Convenient edit and view controls make updating data a breeze.

// Printable Score Cards

  • Never run out of room on your scorecard again, our custom printable scorecards have spots for all your stats.

  • Prints multiple scorecards per page so you can pass one on to a friend.

  • Pure black & white layout makes printing fast and won't drain your color cartridge.

  • Prints and folds conveniently on standard 8" x 11" paper.

// Add / Edit Rounds

  • Golf Specialist is for those who just want to track their scores and for those who want to track it all.

  • We even have speciality categories like Weather, Wind, Ride or Walk, Cost, and Score Attesting.

  • Distinguish between League games, Tournaments, Casual, and Practice rounds.

  • Our Free Form text area allows for personal comments about the round.

// Detailed Stat Tracking

  • Track all the basics like Fairways, Greens In Regulation, and Putts.

  • If that's not enough, then how about Sand Saves, Penalty Strokes, Driving Distance, and Longest Drive.

  • Track all your slices, hooks and drives that miss the fairway right or left.

  • Our Live Update feature automatically identifies possible input errors in your score or stats as your scorecard totals are calculated.

// Complete Round Recap

  • Our Dynamic Round Recap view makes it easy to see what you are doing right and where you need a little help.

  • We provide a Detailed Putting breakdown. How many 1 putts, 2 putts, or dreaded 3 putts did you have during the round?

  • See additional Pro Stats like Putts per Green In Regulation and Scrambling.

  • Best of all, you can recall the round recap details for any scorecard quickly and easily directly from the Round Management area.

// My Friends

  • See a list of all your friends and their profile pictures.

  • Run Golfer Analysis and Vital Stat reports on your friends.

  • See how many mutual friends you have.

  • Any Friend Requests or Pending Rounds notifications are displayed when you login.

  • Generate a quick Head-to-Head report against you and a friend.

// Friend Requests

  • Send friend invites so you can share your golf stats.

  • Add as many friends as you like.

  • Our friend wizard makes adding new friends simple, with a personal touch.

  • Accept or decline friend requests.

  • Receive e-mail notifications when you have new Friend Requests and Pending Rounds.

// Pending Rounds

  • Help your friends out by entering their round scores and stats for them.

  • You can even enter a round for someone who is not a member of Golf Specialist. They will receive an invite to join Golf Specialist, and when they do the round you entered, it will be waiting for them.

  • Accept or decline rounds which your friends have entered for you.

  • Accepted rounds become part of your official stats.

// Course Transfer

  • Get current course data from the friends you trust, versus out dated central database course information.

  • See all your friends courses.

  • Copy individual or multiple courses at once, and then add them to your own list.

  • Filters make it easy to find a specific course in your friends course list.

  • All of this is a huge time saver!

// Head-to-Head Stats

  • Go head to head and see how you match up against your friends.

  • Analyze life time stats or from a specific time period.

  • Compare stats between you and 3 of your friends at once!

  • All your friend's key stats displayed against yours on a one page report.

  • Round scores are plotted on a dynamic graph.

// Golfer Analysis Report

  • If you love stats then the Golfer Analysis report is for you.

  • It breaks down every aspect of your game and puts it onto one page.

  • This is a comprehensive update of your golf performance that you can print off and bring to your golf instructor for analysis so they can help you improve your game.

  • Choose from multiple date ranges like Monthly, Yearly, Lifetime or choose a custom date range.

// Course Analysis Report

  • Relive your past golf adventures (good or bad) with our Course Analysis report.

  • Run this report on any of your courses to see all your scores and how you did on each hole.

  • This report give you detailed hole-by-hole statistics such as Best, Worst, and Average score.

  • It also tells you your average Fairways hit, Greens in Regulation, and Putts for every hole.

// Round Summary Report

  • Quick color reference shows you which holes you Birdied, Pared, Bogeyed, etc.

  • First page header shows all your key stats for both 18 and 9 hole rounds.

  • Generates as a PDF so it is easy to view and print.

  • A great way to view and see of how your Friends games are doing.

// Vital Stats Report

  • Our unique Vital Stats report provides golfers with a quick an easy way to see which areas of your game is improving and which needs work.

  • This hybrid report combines our Golfer Analysis report along with graphs to give you both a technical and visual report all in one.

// Line Graphs

  • A Line Graph is a great way to see how consistent your golf game is.

  • It's easy to spot trends when the information is displayed as a line.

  • Hover over each point to see instant details about that round.

  • Take it one step further and overlay other statistics and produce a multi line graph.

  • It's pretty cool so give it a try!

// Bar Graphs

  • With the Bar Graph you can not only generate simple bars but more complex cluster bar graphs as well.

  • They are especially useful when comparing data across different categories like your Score, Fairways, Greens In Regulation and Putts.

  • Like all the other graphs you can display this information for a number of different time periods.

// Pie Graphs

  • In a Pie Graph, the arc length of each sector, is proportional to the quantity it represents.

  • When angles are measured with 1 turn as unit then a number of percent is identified with the same number of centiturns.

  • Together, the sectors create a full disk.

  • In English, it's just another nice way to view a part of your game in a different and colorful way.