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Track your handicap, refine your game, get results - for free.

Track Handicap, Score, Stats & More. Golf Specialist is an advanced golf score and stat tracking program designed for golfers of all skill levels. Upload your scores and stats directly from the course using our Mobile Scorecard App.


// Overview

  • What We Offer.

    A program you'll actually enjoy. Our goal is to provide golfers around the world access to a high quality statistical round tracking tool at an affordable price. Built by golfers for golfers on an easy to use cloud based platform which can be accessed worldwide. Learn More

  • One Year Free Trial.

    That's right, the first year is on us. We want you to be able to use our program in full over a whole golf season to see all the benefits it has to offer and if Golf Specialist is right for you. That's right, no restrictions and no cost to you for one whole year, so please give us a try. Learn More

  • Memberships.

    Did we mention the first year is on us? Our annual membership is designed to be fully flexible giving you the choice whether you want to track stats for one golfer or a thousand. Great for individuals, couples, families, leagues, and groups of friends. Learn More

  • PGA Instructors.

    You help us to get better and we appreciate it. All current PGA & CPGA instructors that sign up receive a free lifetime individual membership to Golf Specialist as part of giving back to the game we love. All we ask for in return is your feedback about the program. Learn More

// Testimonials

  • Been using Golf Specialist for many years, i've yet to have a single problem with it. Works Awesome!

  • No other golf program allows me to analyze my game like Golf Specialist does. Their "Golf Analysis" report has all my key stats on one page.

  • The Golf Specialist iPhone App makes it so easy to keep track of my score on the course and then upload my round details right to my profile.

  • A quality program that is easy to use. I love how I can track my stats so I know exactly what areas of my game to work on.

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